The Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Process

Kitchen exhaust cleaning (otherwise known as vent hood cleaning) involves removing all grease and debris from the hood, filters, exhaust fan and ductwork. Commercial kitchens are required by NFPA 96 to clean their systems anywhere from every month to once per year. The entire process will take a professional company from approximately on average 3 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the job and the condition of the exhaust system. However, large and complex systems may take several days to complete.


Why Should I Hire a Certified Kitchen Exhaust System Company?

If you manage a commercial kitchen operation, part of your many duties is to ensure the kitchen exhaust system is completely clean and working efficiently. And, as the video below illustrates, keeping your kitchen exhaust system properly maintained is important because a dirty one creates a major fire hazard.


How to Safely Put Out a Kitchen Grease Fire

Grease fire prevention is essential in a commercial kitchen operation. NFPA 96 and local fire codes require commercial kitchens to comply with specific safety guidelines – including proper maintenance for cooking appliances, fire suppression systems and exhaust systems.


How to Clean Up a Rooftop Grease Spill

As we discussed in a previous blog post, rooftop grease spills are a major health and safety hazard – from attracting pest and rodents to posing a serious safety hazard every time a contractor or employee is on the roof. In fact, slip and fall accidents can cost thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims each year.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Hood Cleaning Company

As a restaurant owner or property manager, you’ve probably wondered whether or not hiring a professional vent hood cleaning company is really necessary. However, to ensure you’re in compliance with municipal and industry codes as well as meeting your insurance provider’s requirements, it is strongly recommended that you work with a company certified to clean kitchen exhaust systems


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