Choosing the Right School Janitorial Service

More and more school districts, colleges and universities are outsourcing school cleaning to professional janitorial services, especially at a time when they are looking for more efficient, less costly services.


Five Ways Your Business Can Create a Positive First Impression

Dirt, dust, and other debris can have a negative effect on your facilities, equipment, and even your employees. And although a clean work environment can undoubtedly improve employee health, safety, and efficiency, there are certainly other benefits to keeping your workplace clean.


Fire Codes Every Restaurant Operator Should Know

Nearly 60 percent of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Though usually small and resulting in limited damage, restaurant kitchens have all the ingredients for a destructive fire, and restaurants pose a unique risk because of the potential for large numbers of customers at one time.


Vent Hood Cleaning Safety Tips for You & Your Crew

In our industry, we’ve all witnessed an unfortunate on-the-job injury. In fact, millions of workplace injuries are reported each year, which can lead to costly medical bills, prolonged absences and workers’ compensation costs.


What Are Facility Managers Looking For In Commercial Cleaning?

A facilities manager has a big job. In most cases, this person is responsible for everything from managing telecommunications and allocating office space to overseeing grounds keeping, equipment planning and even vending machine stocking.


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