Color Coded Cleaning: A Method of Cleaning for Health

A serious concern in the professional commercial cleaning business is cross contamination. One of the ways we work to eliminate this concern in the facilities we service daily is with a color-coded microfiber cleaning system. These tools provide superior cleaning and reduce the risk of spreading infections and bacteria via cross-contamination. In fact, microfiber products are proven to remove 99.9 percent of microbes and 80 percent more dust and dirt than traditional mops.


What Causes Grease Buildup On Your Roof?

Whether you run a quick-service restaurant or an upscale establishment, you’re going to produce a large amount of grease while you cook. So where does all this grease go, and what problems can it pose?


Keeping Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Up To Code

Most restaurants are so focused on the day-to-day operations inside their kitchen that they are unaware of the potential hazards on their rooftops – including not properly maintaining or keeping the kitchen exhaust fan up to code. Failure to stay in compliance could result in violations, insurance problems, and possible fires and loss of life.


What Great Janitorial Service Does For Your Business Facility

A clean facility instills a professional image in the minds of customers, partners and employees. Most importantly, keeping facilities at a high level of sanitation and appearance ensures potential problems are addressed quickly and efficiently, ultimately reducing maintenance costs.


Tips for Maintaining A Clean and Healthy Restaurant

A restaurant’s cleanliness is one of the first things customers notice when they walk through the door. Whether it’s an unpleasant kitchen odor, scuffed tile flooring or a not-so-clean bathroom, the first hint of a dirty and potentially unsanitary facility can send guests heading for the door.


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