Baffle Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

Typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, baffle filters – often called hood filters – function by forcing grease-saturated air to quickly and repeatedly change direction as it rises through the filter. Because the grease droplets cannot change directions as rapidly as the air carrying them, they end up condensing and sticking to the metal blades and then draining into the filter tray. This also drastically reduces the risk of spreading flames should a fire break out on the cooking surface below.


Why Are Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits Important?

Exhaust fan hinge kits make it easy to clean the exhaust fan and eliminate the risk of damage to fan components. In fact, many insurance companies are now requiring hinge kits on fans because it decreases liability.


The Importance of Vent Hood Cleaning

You don’t have to own a restaurant to have a commercial kitchen. Hospitals and nursing homes, airports and government facilities, hotels, schools and even food trucks are some of our customers that all have kitchens that can feed a crowd. It takes longer for grease to build up in a low-volume commercial kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it altogether. After enough time has passed, a neglected school kitchen vent hood could become just as filthy as one in a high-volume restaurant. A vent hood cleaning company like Halo Restoration Services makes sure the kitchen exhaust systems of both low- and high-volume cooking operations are kept clean to national standards.


Hazards of a Grease Build Up In a Commercial Kitchen

If you operate a commercial kitchen – especially one with a deep fryer or other cooking equipment that generates vaporized grease – you are no doubt familiar with the challenges and dangers posed by grease buildup. Hopefully, you have a properly installed grease containment system to capture the grease and oils that will flow out of the hood exhaust fan while also making sure that your equipment gets a and you also must make sure that your equipment gets consistent commercial kitchen cleaning services.


Professional Outdoor Power Washing: Is It Really Necessary?

Impressions are made even before customers step inside a business. Don’t ignore grease, dirt, stains and gum on your parking lots, sidewalks, drive-thrus and entrances to your business. Does your building’s fa├žade, parking lot and sidewalks paint a picture of professionalism and high quality? If not, you could benefit from professional outdoor power washing services.


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