Access Panel Installation

Proper access to all areas of your kitchen exhaust system allow for efficient and thorough cleaning of the entirety of your system

Why Are Access Panels Such An Important Part Of Kitchen Exhaust System Ducts?

Kitchen exhaust systems–depending on frequency of use and the type of cooking being done–require regular cleaning to remove grease, dust and other wastes. Combustible grease generates a fire hazard, and since cooking takes place right under the exhaust systems, it’s relatively easy for stovetop fires to spread to grease-clogged ducts. Access panels are critical to get to all the areas of ductwork for proper cleaning.


Fire Codes Every Restaurant Operator Should Know

Nearly 60 percent of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Though usually small and resulting in limited damage, restaurant kitchens have all the ingredients for a destructive fire, and restaurants pose a unique risk because of the potential for large numbers of customers at one time.


Top Five Fire Safety Issues For Commercial Kitchens

A clean vent hood and exhaust system can drastically reduce the chances of a fire in your commercial kitchen. Having a dirty hood, filters and grease trap is fuel for an intense fire, which can quickly overcome the fire protection system and lead to disaster.


Vent Hood Cleaning 101

Vent hoods – often referred to as exhaust hoods or vent-a-hoods – are that often overlooked big metal box positioned above the kitchen cooktop.


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