Baffle Filter Replacement

Baffle filters need replacements when they can no longer do their job safely and effectively.

How to Clean Baffle Filters

Clean baffle filters are the first step in preventing kitchen fires from spreading through the vent hood and into the rest of the exhaust system.


Minimize Solid Fuel Cooking Risks

Some restaurant kitchen appliances use solid fuel such as mesquite, charcoal and hardwood to cook and heat food. It adds another dimension to restaurant offerings - from pizzas to smoked meat - and also for a wider array of flavor and cooking capabilities. Although solid fuels can be highly combustible and increase the potential for safety risks, restaurant owners can safely use most solid fuel appliances with the right amount of understanding and preparation.


Fire Codes Every Restaurant Operator Should Know

Nearly 60 percent of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Though usually small and resulting in limited damage, restaurant kitchens have all the ingredients for a destructive fire, and restaurants pose a unique risk because of the potential for large numbers of customers at one time.


Baffle Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

Typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, baffle filters – often called hood filters – function by forcing grease-saturated air to quickly and repeatedly change direction as it rises through the filter. Because the grease droplets cannot change directions as rapidly as the air carrying them, they end up condensing and sticking to the metal blades and then draining into the filter tray. This also drastically reduces the risk of spreading flames should a fire break out on the cooking surface below.


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