Outdoor Power Washing

Power washing differs from pressure washing in that the water is heated. Efficient cleaning chemicals can be added into the mix to allow for truly effective cleaning solutions.

Pressure Washing Concrete

Concrete is a highly durable material that can withstand almost any force and lasts for a very long time when well maintained. It’s a material that is no longer used solely for parking lots and sidewalks either as there is a growing trend in decorative concrete. If your concrete surfaces aren’t as fresh as they were after their initial curing, it can lead to a number of issues: grease stains that don’t go away and attract bugs, unpleasant smells and an unprofessional look.


The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Restaurant's Front Entrance

The look and cleanliness of a restaurant’s front entrance are more important than ever. People judge from the outside, especially if they don’t know anything about your restaurant and are just looking for a place to eat. While nothing matters more than the quality and taste of the food you cook, the presentation and upkeep of your building are important factors for getting guests flowing in and keeping them coming back.


Professional Outdoor Power Washing: Is It Really Necessary?

Impressions are made even before customers step inside a business. Don’t ignore grease, dirt, stains and gum on your parking lots, sidewalks, drive-thrus and entrances to your business. Does your building’s fa├žade, parking lot and sidewalks paint a picture of professionalism and high quality? If not, you could benefit from professional outdoor power washing services.


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