Rooftop Grease Containment

Grease containment systems installed at the exhaust fan are essential to a safely operating kitchen exhaust system.

9 Areas Best Cleaned by a Professional Cleaning Company

With so many different cleaning points you need to hit to maintain a clean and organized professional kitchen, it can be a little confusing when categorizing and assigning cleaning activities. What should you hire a company for and what should your staff do on their own?


Dangers of Grease Accumulation on Commercial Rooftops

Often, checking the condition of restaurant rooftops and rooftop grease containment systems is overlooked and placed as a low priority. Don’t make this mistake! Checking the roof of your establishment is very important and should be done regularly and thoroughly. There are many dangerous and harmful consequences for not doing so, all of which take time and money to fix. Rooftop grease accumulation can happen many ways, the three main issues being: Poor wastewater management Grease leaking from the fan Airborne particles We suggest reading our post entitled What Causes Grease Buildup On Your Roof?


Maintenance & Cleaning Schedule of Commercial Kitchen Extractor Components

As an operator of a commercial kitchen, being aware of how often to clean extractor components is vital. Without regular cleaning, the system will fail to work properly, building up grease, contaminating the kitchen, and creating unclean air.


Tips For Preventing Restaurant Fires

Restaurants – with their open flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and paper products – have all the ingredients for a fire to flame out of control.


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