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Commercial Cleaning Needs for Food Truck Operators

Your food truck’s exterior cleanliness is directly correlated to how potential customers view the quality of your mobile food business. And while it’s important that the exterior of your truck remains sparkling clean, it’s the interior cleanliness that will help keep your customers coming back while also protecting your mobile operation from common fire safety hazards.

Commercial food preparation environments, food trucks included, must adhere to the strict hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act of 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006. Failure to meet these standards could lead to hefty fines that will not only reduce profit, but could additionally damage the reputation of your business.

A daily cleaning routine helps to maintain excellent hygiene levels. However, there are areas in a typical food truck operation that are less accessible than your cook-top. It’s these areas that provide potential breeding grounds for bacteria due to the gradual accumulation of grease fats.

To ensure your food truck maintains a clean record, consider the services of a professional food truck cleaning company. Halo Restoration Services maintain high standards of kitchen hygiene by performing thorough and regular deep cleaning of all aspects of your food truck operation. Not only do we get rid of fat deposits and burnt carbon, there are several advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company such as:

  • Increased hygiene: Lower the risk of contamination and transmitting foodborne diseases. Customer complaints should remain non-existent or reduce as hygiene is the number one priority for customers. Your staff will enjoy better working conditions, which will boost their morale hence increasing productivity.
  • Increased efficiency: Clean kitchen equipment is often more efficient and has lower chances of damage. This increases profitability by ensuring longer equipment life and preventing major repairs due to negligence of proper equipment maintenance.
  • Reduced risk of fire: Clogged kitchen equipment may lead to fire incidents. This is because the dirt prevents the free flow of air in and out of the equipment, creating an imbalance that may cause accidents. Lower risks also help to reduce insurance premiums as well as ensuring an improved health and safety environment.
  • Legislation: Clean Food Trucks are in compliance with the Food Hygiene and Kitchen Safety regulations. This lowers the chances of paying hefty fines or facing prosecution.

Halo: A Comprehensive Food Truck Cleaning Company

Halo Restoration Services is familiar with the challenges of containing grease and reaching for the tight corners of truck vent hoods and exhaust fans. We transport our equipment and can meet you at a location of your choice. You also get convenient services such as a courtesy phone call to schedule follow-up services.

1. Food Truck Vent Hood Cleaning

The first step in ensuring the kitchen exhaust system remains healthy is by keeping your vent hood clean. Our technicians guarantee you a clean and efficiently working kitchen exhaust system. Our vent hood cleaning services for food truck exhaust systems include:

  • Draining the grease build up in the system while ensuring proper disposal of materials
  • Cleaning the hoods, vertical and horizontal ducts through the access panels
  • Cleaning the floor surrounding the vent hoods
  • Cleaning the exhaust fans as well as the surrounding roof

A dirty vent hood in the kitchen traps grease which could lead to an intense fire if not managed. The build up of grease can overcome the fire protection system resulting in a disaster. Cleaning not only the vent hood, but the entirety of the exhaust system drastically lowers the chances of a disaster in your food truck kitchen. Routine cleaning system prevents the dangerous build up of grease in this system as well as prolonging the life of the components in the exhaust system.

2. Food Truck Kitchen Cleaning

As is typical in a commercial kitchen, your food truck kitchen produces high volumes of grease that can be difficult to clean without the necessary equipment. The oil may spill to the kitchen floor leading to a messy workspace and potential slip-and-fall accidents. As a food service provider, it is important to ensure a sterile and accident-free environment to protect your employees and to keep your customers coming back.

Halo has the necessary disinfecting and cleaning equipment alongside environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. The use of color-coded microfiber cloths to clean surfaces is more efficient than using the traditional material. Their cleaning schedule is also based on your needs and budget.

3. Food Truck Pressure Washing

The exterior of your food truck creates the first impression. Even if they never see the inside of your kitchen, customers will judge the quality of your food just by looking at the outside of the truck. The outside must be as clean as the inside.

Halo Restoration Services maintains professional pressure washing equipment and has the know-how to properly clean the entire exterior without damage. We will thoroughly pressure wash your vehicle and your parking space to ensure a clean first impression. There’s no second chance for the first impression, and our professionals will never let you down.

A clean food truck shows your commitment to excellence and food safety. The hygiene standards of your kitchen influence the quality of the food produced. With the great challenge of keeping the kitchen of a busy food truck clean, it is convenient to hire a cleaning company that specializes in the needs of food trucks. Without such a system in place, regular cleaning can be overwhelming.

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