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Halo Restoration Services’ core speciality may be cleaning dangerous grease build up in kitchen exhaust systems, but we know for many customers, especially hospitals and nursing homes, leaving the REST of the facility – floors, countertops, and equipment – as clean as we found it is a major determinant of customer satisfaction.

In 2011, more than 75,000 deaths resulted from Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) that were acquired while in the healthcare setting – 75 percent of which were deemed preventable.

Since 2005, more than 30 states have begun requiring hospitals to release their infection rates, prompting many consumers to take into account hospital cleanliness and infection rates when choosing a hospital or healthcare provider.

With recent addition of the Hospital Consumer Assessments of “Healthcare Providers and Systems” survey (HCAHPS) this system allows for reduced reimbursement for poor quality services. The HCAHPS assessment takes into account the cleanliness of the healthcare environment.

We are seeing more and more state governments passing laws on hospital cleaning requirements and facility infection rates in the outpatient settings. Consumers of healthcare are demanding improved hospital cleaning when receiving patient care in all healthcare settings.

We understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection and assisting in preventing HAI. Whether you’re managing a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building, surgery center, nursing home or rehabilitation center, Halo’s cleaning services program ensures proper disinfecting and best practices that exceed the toughest healthcare cleaning standards and regulations.

While hospital cleaning cannot be 100 percent green due to the use of disinfectants to kill unwanted microorganisms, the use of greener cleaning products where possible can provide a brighter, healthier environment for patients to recover and staff to work.

Halo takes a number of steps to achieve this goal, including:

  • Using a color-coded microfiber system that reduces the chances for cross transmission during the disinfecting process
  • Reviewing a standard cleaning checklist prior to departing the job site
  • Using extra thick sheet plastic to protect countertops, equipment and other surfaces to prevent rips and tears in plastic during cleaning
  • Mopping to prevent leaving residues on floor surfaces
  • Bringing a wet vacuum to every job site to use where necessary to clean up excess water

Additionally, Halo has experience going into 247 establishments, making sure the place is clean when it’s most convenient for the staff and then getting out of the way.

If you’re not satisfied with our clean-up, we will gladly send a technician out the following day to correct any oversights free of charge.

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