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Hotel Kitchen Managers and Operators: Meet Your Kitchen & Hood Cleaning Needs More Effectively

If your hotel kitchen exhaust systems haven’t been thoroughly inspected recently, or the cleanliness of your banquet and employee kitchens need attention, Halo Restoration Services is ready to help.

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Hotels serve a fluctuating population of guests and the convenience of a dining facility on the premises improves guest experience. Guests enjoy relaxing in a comfortable hotel dining room, cafe or bar. Yet in order to optimize profits, these facilities must meet high standards for cleanliness in both the front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH).

Vent Hood Cleaning

Certified vent hood cleaning & complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning for commercial cooking operations in hotels.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

BOH cleaning with extensive knowledge and experience deep cleaning commercial kitchen equipment.

Nightly Janitorial Cleaning

Comprehensive FOH/BOH cleaning with a priority on sanitation and visual appeal.

Your Restaurant: An Excellent Source of Revenue

Hospitality industry providers today often find themselves at a disadvantage compared with many restaurant chains. Hotels may assign the burden of hotel kitchen vent hood cleaning to the stewarding department, or back-of-house cleaning duties to housekeeping. These employees know how to perform general cleaning very well, yet may lack the specialized equipment and know-how required to maintain commercial kitchen equipment in a fire-safe condition on a 24/7/365 basis.

Operating a regularly sanitized, odor-free kitchen requires both hard work and meticulous planning. Busy restaurants benefit from regularly scheduled deep cleans, depending on the output of their kitchens and the type of food they cook. By hiring a commercial vent hood and kitchen cleaning company, you’ll compete more effectively with your competition in this important marketplace.

Hotel Vent Hood Cleaning

Vent hood cleaning service is loud and messy. Whether it’s scheduling at a specific time to avoid disturbing sleeping guests or coordinating with engineering, the restaurant GM/Chef or the hotel GM, Halo Restoration Services is ready to help keep the entirety of your kitchen exhaust system free of grease and compliant with national fire standards.

Halo cleans hotel kitchen exhaust systems from the cook-top to the roof-top, making sure all components of the exhaust system are cleaned down to bare-metal per standards set-forth by the National Fire Protection Association. All components are cleaned equally well to reduce fire hazards.

This is particularly important in the hotel industry, where commercial kitchens are in close-proximity to hundreds, if not thousands of guests. We often encounter sparkling vent hoods and filters within the kitchen, but ducts and exhaust fans throughout the rest of the system are caked with grease. If a fire makes it into ducts, any extra grease in the duct system provides fuel for bigger fires and leads to possible loss-of-life situations in hotel settings.

If the entirety of your kitchen exhaust system is not being inspected on a regular basis, we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free estimate for cleaning. A quick inspection of these critical components can be performed during our estimates.

Hotel Kitchen Deep Cleans

Numerous restaurant chains do not invest in the specialized equipment and supplies required for performing “deep” cleans of their commercial kitchens. They often outsource these tasks to companies such as Halo who are well-versed in the cleaning needs of all commercial kitchen equipment.

Grease and cooking oils inevitably splatter onto hard-to-reach surfaces in all hotel banquet kitchens and employee kitchens. Care must be taken with each of the appliances for proper cleaning, not only to prevent damage to the equipment but also to make sure that it operates properly, reducing unnecessary fire hazards. Additionally, a grease buildup on cooking equipment spreads food odors through the premises. You can count on Halo Restoration Services to help you bring back your hotel kitchens to deeply cleaned, well-sanitized conditions.

Nightly Janitorial for Hotels

The cleanliness of the entrance to your hotel and its lobby areas are critical to a positive arrival experience of guests. In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is most often the primary indicator of how well a business is received by the customer. According to a recent AAA survey, hotel cleanliness is the main feature that guests look for when choosing where to stay, outranking not only price/value and location, but also room amenities.

Halo Restoration Services offers valuable nightly (and daily if necessary) assistance to hotels and motels in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by ensuring front entrances, lobby floors, restaurant dining areas, kitchen (floors, equipment), FRP walls and public restrooms appear pristine. We have crews available to focus on the regular maintenance cleaning your hotel needs to keep guests coming back and leaving good reviews.

Our exterior pressure washing services assist your business in projecting a pristine, attractive image. Today most hotel visitors hold generally high expectations for facility cleanliness. By making certain your establishment obtains regular exterior washing services, you’ll please guests and enhance your brand’s reputation for providing clean, luxurious accommodations both inside and out.

How We Help

Halo Restoration Services, a Dallas-based company, excels in providing specialized, reliable hotel kitchen exhaust cleaning services for hotels of all types. We assist hotel dining facilities in reducing potential hazards posed by kitchen fires, as well as maintaining a superb level of sanitation throughout the FOH and BOH.

Just consider some of the important services we offer:

  • Commercial kitchen vent hood cleaning on a regular, reliable basis;
  • Commercial kitchen deep cleans to eliminate unpleasant lingering food odors;
  • Nightly janitorial services for FOH and BOH areas;
  • Exterior pressure washing on a regular basis to help maintain clean parking lots, drives and building exteriors.

Our technicians receive training in the use of the specialized equipment and supplies required to maintain commercial kitchens in clean, odor-free condition. By focusing on deep cleaning, we offer a powerful adjunct to regular in-house kitchen maintenance.

Since hotel restaurants today often experience high staff turnover, outsourcing your commercial restaurant janitorial duties and exhaust-system cleaning to Halo ensures staffing shortages never detract from the clean, welcoming appearance of your dining room. Allow your personnel to focus upon providing outstanding customer service within their areas of expertise, and ask Halo to handle specialized restaurant-related janitorial tasks.

Further Information

Whether you’re running the kitchen at a hotel, resort, restaurant, casino, country club or timeshare property, Halo Restoration Services is staffed with highly-trained commercial kitchen and exhaust system cleaning professionals who deliver results and understand the importance of guest satisfaction.

From cleaning the commercial kitchen and exhaust system to maintaining the outdoor entrance and sidewalks, front entry, lobby and bathrooms, we understand that hotels frequently have special requirements that vary from location to location.

We welcome inquiries about Halo Restoration Services. We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with your Executive Chef, F&B Director or Property Management Liaison. Let us know how we can assist you by calling us at (214) 838-2200. We offer free estimates up request with no trip charges in the DFW area.

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