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Halo Makes Restaurant Cleaning Simple - Halo Restoration Services is a one-vendor solution for your restaurant’s cleaning service needs.

Halo provides full-service restaurant cleaning from fine dining to fast casual, stand-alone or multi-unit establishments. Our goal is always the same: to keep your restaurant clean and safe for both your customers and staff.

Restaurant Cleaning Company: We Clean Everything.

That’s right. From restaurant hood cleaning to a one-time kitchen deep clean to nightly janitorial cleaning, we can service the entirety of your restaurant’s cleaning needs. Simplify your vendor management with a single restaurant cleaning provider.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Maintaining your kitchen equipment and performing regularly scheduled restaurant hood cleaning is pivotal for your kitchen to function properly. It’s no secret that cleaning the entirety of a kitchen exhaust system requires specialized chemicals, equipment and procedures. This is most likely not a job you want your staff to perform.

Halo’s technicians have the equipment and experience needed for comprehensive restaurant hood cleaning. Gone are the days of worrying about how much grease has built up over time. With regular exhaust cleanings, Halo makes sure the entirety of your exhaust system is better than NFPA-96 standards after every cleaning.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Have an inspection coming up? Or maybe it’s just time for a bit of extra attention? Halo offers one-time and regularly scheduled restaurant kitchen cleaning services. This includes every part of your establishment, even your kitchen equipment.

We know how easy it is for a restaurant kitchen to become difficult to maintain, especially in your busiest times of the year. Halo keeps your space and appliances functioning to their utmost potential by cleaning and maintaining your restaurant’s kitchen, appliances and equipment.

Front- and Back-of-House Nightly Cleaning

Your kitchen staff, servers, and bartenders all have their nightly duties to fulfill. But it is inevitable and essential to have a professional come in to keep your establishment clean. From top to bottom, we offer both back- and front-of-house cleaning, every night. This means spotless restrooms, clean entrances and floors, and a kitchen that is ready for work, every morning.

Pressure Washing

Restaurant owners often neglect the outside of their establishment. This means your entry way may be cluttered with gum, spills, and build-up from the elements. We offer professional power washing for every surface imaginable in your business. Parking lots, entrances, exits, trash areas, and anything else that you believe could benefit from a power washing. We can make your space sparkle like new.

If you’re a restaurant owner in North Texas and you’ve been seeking an answer to a cleaner establishment, then we can undoubtedly help you.

Halo Offers A Comprehensive Solution for Restaurant Cleaning

We have tailored our services to offer comprehensive cleaning for every restaurant in North Texas. Targeting the DFW area and beynond, our experience throughout the years has taught us that the cleanliness of a restaurant reflects in the prosperity of the business long-term.

Communication: Nobody hates scheduling miscommunications more than us, so you will receive a courtesy call (or email if you prefer) on the day of service or the day prior to confirm that the manager on duty knows we are coming.

Cleanliness: You’re always serving people, so let us serve you. We promise customer service that always puts you first, fostering a relationship that is built on trust. We will always respond promptly to your calls, and are always on standby to serve you.

Customized Cleaning Solution: We know that every restaurant works differently than the other, which is why we’ve adapted our services to encompass a wide range of scenarios. Any commercial cleaning company that is selling their services based on a one-size- fits-all service is not going to deliver results that you deserve.

The Right Tools: Our detailed customer database keeps track of each restaurant’s unique requirements. Whether the location requires an extension ladder to reach the roof, quieter electric machines to minimize noise for residential neighbors, or the combination to a locked door, you can count on Halo having the right tools to get the job done.

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