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A clean facility instills a professional image in the minds of customers, partners and employees. Most importantly, keeping facilities at a high level of sanitation and appearance ensures potential problems are addressed quickly and efficiently, ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

A daily janitorial service provider not only helps a business maintain a clean and professional appearance to customers, clients, and business partners, but it also aids in preventing major maintenance issues that can arise when daily cleaning does not occur at a busy business. Halo is proud to offer professional daily cleaning services tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Halo Restoration Services: Your Next Daily Janitorial Provider

It is crucial for a company to maintain their cleanliness, especially during business hours when customers and employees are entering and utilizing the facilities. For most, maintaining the level of cleanliness required to run a business it is too much to handle on their own, and instead they turn to a professional janitorial company in order to keep up with daily cleaning tasks. A daily janitorial service is beneficial to a business on multiple different levels. It maintains a level of professionalism, which is in turn makes customers more comfortable with the business, but it also helps keeps the business functioning on a more practical level as well.

For businesses such as schools, colleges, and offices with many employees, having a day porter or janitor on-hand during business hours can be extremely helpful. They are able to address the immediate cleaning needs that may arise during an unpredictable business day. This ensures a high level of sanitation in a building, and in turn a more functional business. Over time, hiring a staff to do a daily janitorial cleaning can actually save a business money, because it helps to avoid costly maintenance problems by performing daily upkeep.

Having a day porter or janitor on-hand during the day can also be about saving face. They are able to actively empty trash, clean up spills, and take note of potential future maintenance issues. This instills a professional image in the minds of employees, customers, and business partners.

At Halo, we provide the best daily janitorial services available. We continue to discover and utilize the most hygienic methods possible by which to clean. We care deeply about using our skills and expertise in order to make the businesses of our customers as clean and functional as possible.

Daily Janitorial: A List of Services Provided

Our daily services are highly customizable and built to meet the standards and needs of each individual business. We provide potential new customers with a free quote in order to better understand their business needs before coming up with a cleaning plan tailored to their needs. Here are a few of the services that you can expect from our daily janitorial cleaning service:

  • Trash removal as needed
  • Dry and wet mopping
  • Tile stripping and floor waxing
  • Dusting of all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Cleaning windows
  • Vacuuming carpets and spot treating stains
  • Cleaning baseboards and blinds
  • Cleaning all bathroom fixtures
  • Refilling bathroom supplies
  • Pressure washing outside areas
  • Breakroom and cafeteria cleaning

Our services are also available for one-time use, such as emergency cleanups or cleaning before or after a special event.

Halo Restoration Services: Your Partner in Daily Cleaning

Halo works in close partnership with clients to develop customized janitorial service programs to provide location-specific needs. We understand that different industries require different janitorial solutions, and our team has the knowledge and experience to provide efficient and cost-effective janitorial services.

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Pricing and Quotes

The services we provide to customers are highly flexible, therefore our services do not come at a fixed price. We provide each potential customer with a free quote for our daily janitorial service that helps us better understand their individual needs and budget. We are dedicated to finding the services that work best for each business, and will work tirelessly until we have found the right routine for our customers.

Hygiene Standards

At Halo Restoration Services, we take hygiene very seriously. It’s one thing for a business to appear clean, but it’s something entirely different for that business to be a safe place that is free of harmful germs. We work hard to ensure that the most amount of dirt and germs possible are removed during our cleaning processes. One way in which we do this is by avoiding cross-contamination. We exclusively use microfiber cloths for our surface cleaning because it is 99% more effective at removing germs and dirt than just regular cloth, and we color code our microfiber to make sure that no one cloth is used in two places.

Customer Service

As a family owned business with humble beginnings, we understand just how important our customers’ businesses are to them. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that their businesses are taken care of the way that we would want our own to be. Part of this is ensuring the best possible customer service. Our representatives are available for contact 247, are always ready and willing to help with any request or complaint, no matter how small.

Daily Janitorial by Halo Restoration Services

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