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From front-of-house to back-of-house – cleanliness in your business instills a professional image in the minds of customers, partners and employees – Halo helps keep your restaurant clean comprehensive nightly janitorial cleaning services.

When a business needs to be cleaned daily, but doesn’t have the capacity for a daytime janitorial service, then nightly janitorial cleaning from Halo Restoration Services is a perfect option.

Halo’s technicians are highly trained in providing detailed cleaning services for restaurants (front-of-house and back-of-house) and commercial kitchens. We know what it takes to exceed health codes and prevent future equipment maintenance issues. We proudly provide the Dallas and North Texas regions with meticulous cleaning services for every type of business. Call us anytime for a free nightly janitorial cleaning estimate.

Halo offers a full range of solutions based on your individual needs – at one site or for multiple locations throughout North Texas. We also conduct routine nighttime inspections to ensure we are delivering quality services and that your janitorial needs are taken care of. Our customer service line is answered 247 to address any areas of concern as quickly as possible.

Customized Nightly Janitorial for Your Restaurant

A bustling business sees a lot of people during the daytime hours and with a lot of people comes a lot of mess. Whether a restaurant or any facility operating a commercial kitchen, maintaining clean facilities does a lot for a business.

Not only does cleanliness make a business appear more professional and well-functioning, but it also ensures that a business is able to pass necessary sanitation checks in order to stay in business. Keeping up with daily cleaning tasks benefits a business greatly. However, not everyone wants or can have a janitorial staff in their business due to their operating hours.

Halo’s focus on food-and-beverage outlets allows us to staff businesses with overnight janitorial. We understand the importance of allowing your employees to leave the facility at the end of the shift and have found it to be a huge moral booster for restaurant employees that get to leave immediately after shift-end instead of staying after to clean dining areas and back-of-house.

With the employment of our nightly janitorial cleaning services, we ensure that all facilities are cleaned in the most hygienic and efficient manner possible. Our cleaning tools and techniques are certified hygienic, and we are always certain to use the correct tools in order to best clean a specific surface area. We understand that the appearance of your business is important, and take that into full consideration while cleaning.

What’s Provided in a Our Nightly Service

Below is a sample nightly janitorial checklist, but please note that we at Halo are extremely flexible and can customize our checklists for your facility:

Front-of-House Cleaning

Dining Area

  • Sweep and dispose of debris
  • Damp mop floor
  • Dust ledges, baseboards 3x per week: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


  • Clean, sanitize and polish toilets, urinals and sinks
  • Clean and polish glass, mirrors and hardware
  • Sweep, damp mop and sanitize floors
  • Damp wipe walls by sinks, toilets and urinals
  • Dusting of stall doors
  • Seal clean floor drains

Back-of-House Cleaning


  • Clean interior/exterior of all equipment
  • Sweep floors
  • Deck brush floors
  • Squeegee floors
  • Remove debris from floor drains
  • Detail floor drains (clean and bleach) 2x per week: Monday, Friday

Dish Area

  • Sweep floors
  • Deck brush floors
  • Squeegee floors
  • Remove debris from floor drains
  • Detail floor drains (clean and bleach) 2x per week

If a company or business has specific needs or requirements that must be met, our nightly sanitation experts are capable and willing to do so.

Pricing and Quotes

We strive to make our janitorial service affordable and accessible to all different types of food and beverage outlets. This is why we provide each and every customer with a free consultation and quote before their services start. This allows us to better understand the customer’s budget in relation to their needs so that we can assess the number of technicians and the amount of time to dedicate to a facilities’ nightly janitorial cleaning.

Hygiene Standards

We guarantee ultimate cleanliness and hygiene meant to meet even the pickiest standards. Our staff is highly dedicated to making sure that our customers’ space is as meticulously clean as possible. We do so by using the best commercial cleaning products, as well as our own color coding technique in order to avoid cross-contamination. For surface cleaning, we exclusively use microfiber, which is proven to be 99% more effective in removing dirt and germs that regular cloth, and our color code technique ensures that we are not using the same microfiber on multiple surfaces.

Customer Service

We are fastidious in the way in which we check and double check our work. So much so, that we conduct routine inspections of our own staff and the job that they are doing in order to ensure the ultimate satisfaction from our customers. We take cleanliness very seriously and work to ensure that every member of our staff takes it just as seriously.

We also offer a 247 service line for customers. Sometimes, there are business concerns that just cannot wait until the morning, and we understand that. We want to be able to address concerns right away, not wait for regular business hours, when by that time things could be exponentially worse. Our customer service representatives are available around the clock to help our customers or hear their concerns.

Nightly Janitorial Cleaning by Halo Restoration Services

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