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Halo keeps the areas leading into your business looking just as clean as the inside with professional, detailed power washing services. Impressions are made even before customers step inside a business. Don’t ignore grease, dirt, stains and gum on your parking lots, sidewalks and entrances. Your customers will notice.

Halo Restoration Services uses state-of-the-art cleaning systems to thoroughly and professionally pressure wash dumpster pads, drive-thru areas, awnings and building exteriors, parking lots and structures, sidewalks, entrances, loading docks, as well as most other hard surfaces on facility exteriors.

Outdoor Power Washing: Get the Job Done Right

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of a business, nothing gets the job done like a professional outdoor power wash. Power washing harnesses the power of water without any added chemicals to produce a sparkling clean exterior. To enhance the curbside appeal of your business and to make sure your property presents the clean and professional look that keeps customers coming back for more, it’s essential that your outdoor areas are cleaned on a regular basis.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Power Washing?

Keeping your exterior clean can do wonders for how presentable and professional your business appears to potential customers. No matter how valuable a product or service your business might offer, a clean exterior is essential to turning passerby into customers, and turning first-time customers into regulars. A dirty exterior is often enough to make any potential customer turn away and miss out on the valuable services that your business provides.

Businesses can benefit from commercila power washing for many reasons, including cleaning up the exterior, sanitizing the property, drawing in customers, and even enhancing the longevity of the building exterior. Power washing doesn’t just make your property cleaner—by getting rid of mold, mildew, weeds, pollutants and more, a proper cleaning can make the building material last longer.

There are many areas of a commercial property that can be enhanced from a professional cleaning, including:

  • Building entrances
  • Roofs
  • Property grounds (including sidewalks, walkways, etc.)
  • Parking lots
  • Dumpster pads

The entrance and roof of a building might be the first things that customers notice when they pull up to your business, so it’s always good to make a strong and presentable first impression.

But when the customer steps out of the car, they might notice that the parking lot is grimy with years-old gum, or that the area near the dumpster has a heavy stench that just won’t go away. All these areas that are attached to or near your property can impact how a customer perceives the professional appeal of your business.

That’s why a proper cleaning from a reputable company is essential to your business. Power washing is routine maintenance for successful businesses that have a reputation to uphold.

As a Dallas-based business, we want to do our part in helping other businesses thrive by keeping exteriors looking their best and contributing to their longevity.

Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

There is some general confusion about the differences between power washing and pressure washing that we want to help clear up, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for your business presentation.

Power washing and pressure washing differ in three key ways:

  1. Heat
  2. Temperature Control
  3. Non-chemical vs Chemical Solutions


1. Heat

Heat is the main feature that distinguishes power and pressure washing. Both utilize pressurized water to clean the building exterior and property, but only power washing uses heated water.

In some ways, this makes power washing a preferable choice compared to pressure washing. Just like you use hot water to clean dishes or do laundry for a thorough, deep clean, power washing uses hot water to achieve the same effect.

Additionally, the hot water is more effective at killing the bacteria in mold and mildew, ensuring that your property is protected from the damages that these organisms can cause.

2. Temperature Control

Temperature control is another advantage that comes with power washing. Since pressure washing does not use heat, there is no need for temperature control. Power washing does use heat, which means the temperature control also lets you control how much force is needed to complete the cleaning job.

Pressure washing can only rely on pressure, which is why some people worry that this type of exterior washing can damage the paint, wood, and other building materials. With the added benefit of temperature control in power washing, it is possible to balance the pressure and temperature levels to produce a clean that is not damaging to building exteriors.

3. Chemical Output and Toxicity

A chemical solution is the third item that distinguishes power and pressure washing. Power washing only uses the natural power of water, with the added benefit of heat, to produce the total cleaning. There is no chemical run-off into the underground aquifers, corrosive damage to the building exterior paint, or any other risks that come with the use of chemicals. Power washing produces a clean, pure wash.

Pressure washing sometimes uses chemicals in a process known as soft-washing. To protect building exteriors, pressure washing services will sometimes scale back the pressure and add chemicals to the water to achieve similar cleaning effects.

While for the most part the chemicals added during soft washing are environmentally safe, the fact remains that they are still chemicals. These chemicals can seep into the ground and get circulated back into the same water networks that are then directed to your local utility plant. Chemicals can also sometimes be damaging to shrubbery, flowers, and other natural plant life that you might have to spruce up your property.

When considering power washing vs pressure washing, power washing tends to be the least damaging yet fully effective building exterior cleaning service. The use of heat and temperature control allows the professional power washer to manage just how much water pressure is needed to get the job done. Plus, the use of just pure water guarantees that no environmental harm will come about because of the washing service.

If you are looking for a building exterior cleaning service, make sure that you know the differences between power and pressure washing so you can get quotes for the right service.

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