Vent Hood Cleaning

Comprehensive vent a hood cleaning services for commercial cooking operations.

Nightly Janitorial Cleaning

Front- and back-of-house nightly janitorial services for restaurants and food service operations.

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Cleaning ceiling tiles in the kitchen is often a more economical and efficient option than complete replacement.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

One-time and regularly scheduled deep commercial kitchen cleans to keep your cooking operation healthy and efficient.

Daily Janitorial Cleaning

Daily janitorial services to instill a professional image in your commercial facility.

Outdoor Power Washing

Power washing differs from pressure washing in that the water is heated. Efficient cleaning chemicals can be added into the mix to allow for truly effective cleaning solutions.

Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

Exhaust fan belts naturally experience wear and tear during normal operation. They should be replaced regularly before your exhaust fan comes to a screeching halt.

Access Panel Installation

Proper access to all areas of your kitchen exhaust system allow for efficient and thorough cleaning of the entirety of your system

Baffle Filter Replacement

Baffle filters need replacements when they can no longer do their job safely and effectively.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

Hinge kits allow for exhaust fans to be cleaned completely and efficiently. They're also great for mitigating damage to exhaust fans during routine exhaust system cleans.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Grease containment systems installed at the exhaust fan are essential to a safely operating kitchen exhaust system.

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