Installing access panel

You can’t clean ductwork if you can’t access it. Properly spaced access doors in exhaust ducts are the key to removing combustible grease for a thorough cleaning job. Each access panel should be UL Listed to meet NFPA requirements and designed so that it can be opened and shut many times while ensuring a grease-proof, air-, and fire-tight fit.

The ductwork in a commercial kitchen exhaust system is one of the most important elements to keep clean. Fires that start in the kitchen can quickly spread into the rest of the exhaust system through the vent hood and into the ducts. Combustible grease in the ductwork provides fuel for a fire to grow. This leads to fires that are often harder to control and inflict more and costlier damage.

NFPA requires that upblast fans are provided with an access opening on the curvature of the outer fan housing, allowing for all areas of the fan to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Upblast fans that lack a proper access panel are often not cleaned sufficiently. This leads to a host of problems including grease build-up on the blades, off balance rotation and fan vibration or rattling. Over time this can cause premature wear on the bearings and belt and degrade the effectiveness of the fan.

Halo Restoration Services prevents these problems by suggesting and recommending the installation of duct access panels when necessary to ensure that the entirety of your exhaust system can be properly cleaned.

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