Dirty ceiling tile panels

Ceiling tiles can trap toxins and breed dangerous bacteria and mold. Over time, factors such as water leaks, grease stains and even UV rays can also cause discoloration – ultimately affecting the first impression of your business.

These factors, along with other unsanitary pollutants, bond to amino and fatty acids to potentially create sick building sydrome and create an unfavorable impression of your facility.

How to Clean Kitchen Ceiling Tiles - Our Cleaning Process

At the start of service, Halo will drape the cleaning area to minimize dust and dirt particles from falling onto your facility’s floor and equipment. Using a mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution, our technicians will gently clean each porous tile and dry thoroughly to avoid spreading of mold and toxins. At the conclusion of service, Halo will clean the area and provide written document of our services provided.

Ceiling tile cleaning is a much more cost-effective solution that a complete tile replacement, and can return ceiling surfaces to like-new conditions. Additionally, clean ceiling tiles can regain their fire rating and light reflection values, as well as overall room acoustics.

Benefits of Cleaning Ceiling Panels

  • More cost effective than replacement
  • Prevent buildup of pollutants that can cause sickness and discoloration
  • Regain fire rating and light reflection value
  • Improve overall room acoustics
  • Positively enhance the working environment for your kitchen staff

Ceiling tile cleaning is ideal for: restaurants, bars, schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, athletic clubs and government facilities or airports.


Just want to reach out and say Thank You on a great job professionally cleaning our restaurant’s kitchen ceiling tiles and AC vents. Your team was both efficient and professional in making our ceiling look as good as new. On top of that everything was left in a great condition with no mess left behind. I will definitely use your services again and appreciate the services you provide as well as the degree of professionalism that comes along with using Halo.

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