Dirty ceiling tile panels

Ceiling tiles are a trap for toxins and a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. In time, they will become discolored, whether from UV rays, water leaks or grease stains.

These factors, along with other unsanitary pollutants, bond to amino and fatty acids to potentially create sick building sydrome and create an unfavorable impression of your facility.

At Halo Restoration Services, we make kitchen ceiling tile cleaning a far more practical and cost-effective solution than ceiling replacement. Our cleaning system breaks down and dissolves these substances, returning ceiling surfaces to like-new conditions.

In addition to deodorizing and sanitizing ceiling tiles, they regain their acoustic, fire rating and light reflection values. Your kitchen environment is positively enhanced after a thorough tile cleaning.

Benefits of Cleaning Ceiling Panels

  • More cost effective than replacement
  • Prevent buildup of unsanitary pollutants that can cause sick building syndrome
  • Regain acoustic and fire rating
  • Regain light reflection value
  • Positively enhance the working environment for your kitchen staff

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