Cleaning roof top grease

The roof top surrounding kitchen exhaust fan units can become soiled with grease if the fan unit does not have a roof top grease containment system installed, or if the existing containment system has not been maintained. Many types of grease will eat their way through the petroleum base of rubber roof membranes. The cost to replace the roof is much higher than the cost to simply maintain it with a grease containment system.

A grease containment system will protect the areas around the fan and the roof from grease damage. They are designed to capture the grease and oils that will flow out of the hood exhaust fan. To properly protect your investment, the entire kitchen exhaust system needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and the exhaust fan should have grease containment system in place.

Halo Restoration Services uses a combination of pressure washing and a degreasing chemical to remove the accumulated grease and oil from your roofing system. A thorough rooftop cleaning, followed by the installation of a grease containment system will help eliminate roof deterioration, costly roof replacements, unsafe work areas and voided roof warranties.

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