Halo technician cleaning a vent hood canopy with before and after cleaning of exhaust fans

Halo Restoration Services are experts at keeping your commercial kitchen exhaust system clean and compliant from the cooktop to the rooftop. Call Halo at (214) 838-2200 for a free hood cleaning estimate in North Texas.

Certified Technicians

The entire exhaust system will be inspected, reviewed, and cleaned by our certified technicians with over 20 years of experience.

Photo Documentation

After service completion, we provide an inspection report complete with before and after photos to reduce your liability.

Preventitive Maintenance

Avoid costly service calls. Our knowledgeable staff can repair or replace most kitchen exhaust parts and accessories.

Halo Guarantee

We guarantee your kitchen will pass all NFPA Standard-96 inspections. If our cleaning does not pass inspection when you follow our suggested recommendations, we will perform the cleaning again free-of-charge until it passes.


Halo is certified by the NFPA and maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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HALO technicians ensure you have a clean and efficiently operating kitchen exhaust system that is compliant with NFPA-96 and local fire standards. Our standard services include draining the system’s grease build up while properly disposing of materials, and cleaning hoods, vertical and horizontal ducts via access panels, exhaust fans and surrounding roof, and the floor surrounding the vent hoods upon completion of servicing.

Keeping your commercial vent hood clean is the first step in maintaining the overall health of your kitchen exhaust system. Having a dirty hood, filters and grease trap in a commercial kitchen is fuel for an intense fire. Such build up of grease and oils can quickly overcome the fire protection system and lead to disaster. A clean vent hood and exhaust system can drastically reduce the chance of a fire in your commercial kitchen, restaurant or food preparation facility.

Grease from commercial cooking operations is intended to be captured by the hood and exhausted through the baffle filters, into the plenum, up the grease duct, then through the exhaust fan and directly into the air or captured by a grease tray beneath the fan. Routine system cleaning keeps these areas free of dangerous grease build-up, preventing fire hazards while prolonging the life exhaust system components.


Commercial kitchens are required by NFPA 96 to clean their systems anywhere from every month to once per year. The entire process takes on average 3 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the job and the condition of the exhaust system. However, large and complex systems may take several days to complete.

Plastic over kitchen equipment
Prep for Cleaning

All pilot lights and gas valves for each appliance are shut off and covered with tarps to protect kitchen equipment from chemicals and grease splatter.

Plastic funnel and container for grease
Wrap the Hood

To catch all the greasy water runoff, each hood is wrapped in plastic and a funnel is created to divert the runoff into a container.

Close-up of dirty vent hood filters
Clean the Grease Baffle Filters

Baffle filters are removed and soaked while the rest of the system is cleaned. After the grease has loosened, each filter is pressure washed to remove the remaining grease.

Halo technician spraying chemical degreaser into exhaust ductwork
Degrease the Ductwork

Prior to spraying the ductwork with the chemical degreaser, the ducts are manually scraped to remove all hardened grease and debris.

Halo technician pressure washing a kitchen exhaust fan
Remove and Clean Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is removed completely or simply lifted on its hinge kit. The fan blades are then sprayed with a degreasing chemical, followed by hot water pressure washing. We also take this opportunity to replace the exhaust fan belt if necessary.

Halo technician pressure washing a kitchen exhaust fan on rooftop
Pressure Wash Entire System

After letting the degreasing chemical set, hot water pressure washers are used to spray the grease out of the system, from top to bottom, funneling all grease into the container placed beneath the hood.

Halo technician pressure washing vent hood
Clean the Hood

We manually scrape the hood to loosen grease and debris, and then spray with degreasing chemicals before using the hot water pressure washer to remove all remaining grease from the system.

Halo technician polishing a vent hood
Polish the Hood

After the hood has been dried, polish is applied to the interior and exterior of the canopy.

Clean baffle filters installed in vent hood
Re-install Filters and Inspect the Entire System

Once all components of the exhaust system have been properly cleaned, the filters are placed back in the hood. The hoods are wiped down with polish and the exhaust fan is tested to make sure everything is working properly.

Halo certification sticker
Apply the Certification Sticker

A vent hood cleaning certification sticker on the hood is required by law after a technician cleans the kitchen exhaust system. Our sticker shows the fire inspector, health department and insurance agents the date the hood was cleaned and when the next cleaning date is scheduled.

Mopping commercial kitchen floors
Return the Kitchen to its Original Condition

We try to leave a kitchen better than we find it by making sure the roof is clean, the vent hood canopies are polished, and by mopping the kitchen floors.

A clean system reduces fire hazards and is more efficient at removing heat and odors from a restaurant’s kitchen. HALO technicians ensure you have a clean and efficiently operating kitchen exhaust system for your peace of mind and for the betterment of your kitchen staff.

Vent hood cleaning services can be scheduled 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call HALO at (214) 838-2200 for a free hood cleaning estimate today!

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