The Importance of Vent Hood Cleaning

You don’t have to own a restaurant to have a commercial kitchen. Hospitals and nursing homes, airports and government facilities, hotels, schools and even food trucks are some of our customers that all have kitchens that can feed a crowd. It takes longer for grease to build up in a low-volume commercial kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it altogether. After enough time has passed, a neglected school kitchen vent hood could become just as filthy as one in a high-volume restaurant. A vent hood cleaning company like Halo Restoration Services makes sure the kitchen exhaust systems of both low- and high-volume cooking operations are kept clean to national standards.


Top Five Fire Safety Issues For Commercial Kitchens

A clean vent hood and exhaust system can drastically reduce the chances of a fire in your commercial kitchen. Having a dirty hood, filters and grease trap is fuel for an intense fire, which can quickly overcome the fire protection system and lead to disaster.


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