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Baffle Filter Replacement

Clean range hood filters are the first step in preventing kitchen fires from spreading through the vent hood and into the rest of the exhaust system. Call Halo for a free inspection and estimate!

Hood filter replacement is just as important as routine cleaning.

The risk of a kitchen fire significantly increases when hood filters fail to do their job. Regular filter maintenance limits the amount of grease passing into the ductwork and exhaust fans.

Preventing an excess amount of grease deep within the exhaust system helps reduce your risk of kitchen fires and the need for costly repairs.

Filters clogged with grease do not allow the system to “breath” properly. As a result, fan motors fail prematurely and smoke escapes outside of the kitchen.

When filters are damaged or too worn to do their job properly, it’s time for replacement. Otherwise, keeping filters cleaned on a weekly — if not nightly basis — is good kitchen exhaust system maintenance.

The top three hood filter materials.

1. Stainless Steel

High volume kitchens experience grease, high heat, air particles, humidity, and cleaning chemicals on a regular basis. Because of this, the best option is a stainless steel filter.

Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and less prone to corrosion. Additionally, it retains a shiny appearance even after applying degreasers. This makes it great for kitchens visible to customers.

While pricier than other options, it is stronger and lasts longer, reducing costs less over time.

2. Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel filters have the strength and long-term durability of stainless steel filters, but are a more affordable option.

Like stainless steel, galvanized steel has no problem handling tough degreasers and cleaning chemicals. It also withstands high heat, grease and humidity. But, unlike stainless steel, prolonged use of chemicals eventually discolors the metal.

For kitchens not visible to customers, galvanized steel filters are an excellent, affordable alternative to stainless.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum filters are much less expensive than steel options. They weigh less and are easier to handle. However, they are more prone to corrosion and damage.

Because of their shiny finish, aluminum filters are great for open kitchens with a lower cooking volume. Aluminum is almost completely unable to withstand the harsh chemicals and degreasers needed in high-volume kitchens. As a result, frequent replacement is needed.

Welded or Riveted construction: which is right for your hood?

After selecting a filter material, consider filter construction and how this benefits your kitchen. Two common types exist: welded or riveted.

Welded or riveted filters come in all three types of materials. Additionally, both are designed to rely on vertical baffles to trap and keep grease away from the duct system.

Make sure a filter is UL Listed to pass safety standards and fire codes. While UL Listed filters are more expensive, they ensure your kitchen isn’t held liable for a number of potential issues.


Welded filters are made by using the same type of metal for the baffles and the frame. They are rigid and durable, and won’t easily bend or give. Because the filter is welded, rivets do not come loose or fall out. This option is more expensive, but typically lasts much longer.


Riveted filters are baffles enclosed inside a multi-piece frame held together by rivets. This option is less expensive than others. Because it is flexible, rivets can loosen or fall out over time. While less expensive, riveted filters are less durable. As a result, they need frequent repair and sooner replacement.

Common hood filter terminology.

In addition to welded and riveted filters, consider the following hood filters for specialized situations: spark arrestor hood filters, hinged food filters, and captrate hood filters.

Spark Arrestor Filters

When using solid fuel (i.e. wood burning) grills and cooking appliances, spark arrestor filters are necessary. They are designed to block sparks and embers from the ducts where a fire can start from leftover grease.

Hinged Hood Filters

Hinged filters simplify cleaning. As a result, the kitchen is safer and you save money. Cost savings accrue whether your staff handles nightly cleaning or offloads it to a third party such as Halo.

Captrate Hood Filters

This heavy duty filter captures significantly more grease than a normal baffle filter. Additionally, it doubles in your kitchen as a spark arrestor.

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