Restaurants: Keeping Them Clean to Keep Customers Happy

A delicious meal is easily ruined by a negative atmosphere, no matter how great the restaurant might be. That negative atmosphere can arise from unruly patrons, surly waiters, or an unclean restaurant. While the first two can be forgiven as a one-time issue, restaurant uncleanliness can easily lead to loss of customer loyalty. For most people, the presentation of the restaurant is just as important, if not more so, than the food itself.


5 Tips for Cleaning A Commercial Kitchen

If you’re the owner of a commercial kitchen, keeping it clean at all times must be a priority to avoid contaminated food or beverages. This is such a hot spot for bacteria and germs to accumulate and when not properly maintained can create serious consequences for your business.


The Restaurant Hood Cleaning Process

As a restaurant owner or kitchen manager, you know that to prevent restaurant fires it is necessary to regularly schedule your kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance with a certified and insured vent hood cleaning company. A reputable company will clean your commercial-grade kitchen exhaust system down to bare metal – removing all grease and debris from your vent hood, exhaust fan, baffle filters and the duct system. This process most importantly keeps your restaurant and kitchen safe for employees and guests, but also keeps you in compliance with NFPA 96 requirements.


Halo: Full-Service Cleaning Services for F&B Outlets

Video Transcript We’re very hands-on. We take our responsiveness to another level. What separates us from your traditional hood cleaning company is that we also handle any of your back-of-house cleaning needs; anything from the ceiling tile and the grid, to the FRP walls, to detailing all of your equipment, interior, exterior, floors, drains, you name it. There’s a lot of companies out there that say they can clean kitchens and you will find very quickly that they cannot.


Restaurant Hood Cleaning: Preparation and Cleanup

If you run or manage a restaurant, it’s vital you take steps to keep your kitchen in good shape at all times to prevent unneeded problems from arising. Issues that show up when you least expect can cause safety hazards, result in fines and/or damage your reputation. Your kitchen exhaust system is one of the main items you must address to keep your restaurant on the right path. Over time, grease builds up inside the hoods and other parts of your ventilation system, but you can prevent fires and gain peace of mind by enlisting a professional restaurant hood cleaning service to get the job done right.


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