Commercial Cleaning and Guest Satisfaction in Luxury Hotels

If you operate a luxury hotel, you know just how important it is for your guests to experience complete satisfaction as a result of their stay. Guests who stay at luxury hotels expect nothing less than the best, and the hotel that recognizes that its guests deserve what they pay for will be the hotel that can expect to achieve top results for a long time to come.


9 Areas Best Cleaned by a Professional Cleaning Company

With so many different cleaning points you need to hit to maintain a clean and organized professional kitchen, it can be a little confusing when categorizing and assigning cleaning activities. What should you hire a company for and what should your staff do on their own? In a nutshell, your staff should take care of light external cleaning while a cleaning company takes care of heavy external and internal system cleaning.


The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Restaurant's Front Entrance

The look and cleanliness of a restaurant’s front entrance are more important than ever. People judge from the outside, especially if they don’t know anything about your restaurant and are just looking for a place to eat. While nothing matters more than the quality and taste of the food you cook, the presentation and upkeep of your building are important factors for getting guests flowing in and keeping them coming back.


Three Types of Restaurant Fires and the Important Risks to Watch Out For

Fires are a huge threat to restaurants with the potential to cause thousands of dollars of loss in damages and even loss-of-life. It’s very important that, as a restaurant manager or owner/operator, you know how to prevent fires from occurring in your establishment. With different types of fires stemming from various sources, it’s best to keep an eye on all potential areas of danger to ensure fire risks are kept to a minimum.


Nightly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Keeping up with when to clean the equipment in your restaurant can be overwhelming for new employees or cleaning contractors. Having a document detailing cleaning procedures for your restaurant or cafe is important not only for quick and efficient on-boarding of new employees, but also useful for your restaurant’s maintenance records. If you’re looking for a general checklist for cleaning the kitchen area, this has been discussed in the Halo blog previously in the back-of-house cleaning checklist post.


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