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Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

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Exhaust fan acting up? It could be the belt.

Inspected and regularly replaced fan belts prevent kitchen exhaust fans from coming to a screeching halt.

Exhaust fan belts develop wear and tear during normal use. As a result, belts with visible cracks eventually break. Replace an inoperable exhaust fan belt before it disrupts kitchen operations and increases repair costs. Halo Restoration Services keeps exhaust fans running optimally during each and every hood cleaning service.

Fan belt longevity is affected by many factors.

Belt-driven exhaust fans need their belts replaced regularly. Many factors impact the life of an exhaust fan belt, including:

  • Climate
  • Cooking Material
  • Exhaust Fan Usage
  • Belt Material Quality
  • Belt Manufacturing Quality

When servicing your kitchen exhaust system, Halo inspects the exhaust fan belts to determine if they need to be replaced. Replacements are recommended on a regular schedule and depend on the previously described factors.

Regular belt replacements prevent costly outages.

It’s essential to keep exhaust fans in peak condition. This is especially true if you operate a commercial kitchen with long hours of regular use. Exhaust fan belts and other exhaust fan parts naturally experience wear and tear over time. If the belt breaks, it will render your exhaust hood inoperable. As a result, your kitchen’s entire cooking operations is affected or potentially shut down.

If such an incident occurs during peak operating hours, it could cost your establishment serious revenue. To avoid this kind of mishap, check all exhaust fans regularly and replaced them when there are any signs of cracks or damage.

High quality fan belts provide for properly functioning kitchen exhaust systems.

The fan belt is a simple, yet major component of your exhaust system. High production systems produce wear and tear on belts. A damaged belt leads to decreased performance in exhaust systems and increases heat, unsavory odors, and even the chance of fire in your kitchen.

In addition to our kitchen exhaust cleaning services, Halo offers 24/7 fan belt replacement services to make sure that your kitchen exhaust system is performing as it should.

Maintenance & Selection

We understand the importance of installing quality fan belts. At times, a standard duty fan belt will not stand up to the constant use of a commercial kitchen exhaust system. A heavy-duty belt differs in several main ways:

  • These belts have molded notches to help decrease the stress from continuous bending and to increase overall flexibility.
  • Heavy-duty belts are made of an ethylene material that resists cracking at a temperature range between -70 and 250 degrees F.
  • The machined edge of the heavy-duty belt allows it to run smoother with less slippage and wear.

If you find that you are constantly in need of belt replacements, a higher quality belt may be in order. If there are still issues, then it might be the system itself or an improperly installed or sized part.

There are different sizes and types of fan belts, some of which may fit your exhaust fan but may not be the appropriate size. Because of this, it’s important to identify the correct fan belt for your specific equipment.

The wrong option could result in the belt slipping off and the fan malfunctioning. The size of belt needed can easily be found using measuring tape and taking the circumference of the sheaves.

Some exhaust hood service companies will only look at the belt model number to determine the appropriate belt size. However, the extra check will reduce problems in the long run with the installed belt.

We do it all at Halo Restoration Services, from fan belt measurement, to maintenance of all parts, and if necessary, replacement services.

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