Choosing a professional hood cleaning company is a big decision, one that could potentially be overwhelming if you live in an area with multiple options. There are different cleaning guidelines and standards to follow for different types of equipment, but the overarching questions you should ask stay the same for any kitchen cleaning agency, no matter the specific job.

Topics to Discuss When Hiring Cleaning Vendors

Inquiring about the following topics is the first step in identifying the best service you can get:

Accreditations, education and experience.

Confirm the company is professionally trained, certified, educated, is familiar with NFPA-96 guidelines and is capable of completing the proper maintenance that your kitchen requires. Within this realm, you can also ask how long they have been in the hood cleaning business, how they train their employees, if their employees have any credentials, and any other questions about certifications that you see fit.

Licensing, bond and liability insurance.

Mistakes happen. Make sure that the insurance for physical damage, monetary damage and anything other incidentals is good on both your side and the cleaners side, and that you will be covered if something goes wrong.

Knowledge of NFPA-96 / clean to bare metal.

You want to avoid fires at all cost. Make sure the company knows the fire codes, potential risks, how to avoid them, and what to do in the chance that one happens. Confirm that the cleaning service company knows how to truly deep clean your kitchen exhaust and ask about their methods of cleaning to bare metal.

General knowledge of cleaning conduct.

Are they are aware of the general kitchen cleaning procedures? This involves sending a lead technician to meet with the restaurant owners first, wrapping equipment in plastic, providing photos, degreasing foam, and understanding what kitchen exhaust equipment should be cleaned. Don’t be afraid to do some light quizzing if you feel like it is necessary.

Understanding of cleaning techniques for all appliances and equipment.

This especially bears weight if you have a kitchen that isn’t quite standard. Make sure that the equipment the cleaning service uses will work in your establishment and clean it properly. Also make sure that the cleaning agents they use are safe and legal, and if you have specific agents you would like to use, make sure the service will do as you instruct.

Protocols to protect the business and its equipment.

This is an important one! Make sure to go over their methods of equipment protection and establishment protection very carefully and ask any questions that you have, as well as carefully explain any details specific to your kitchen that the cleaners should look out for.

Reports provided after the job is complete.

After a cleaning job, secure a report from the cleaners to see what differences the cleaning company made, the details of what they cleaned, and if they found anything that should be paid special attention to, like broken machinery or an excess of grease buildup. See what the service offers and make sure it is up to par.

Is the service guaranteed, and if so, what it is?

Ask what the cleaning service promises, and see what their bare minimum is. Make sure that the minimum isn’t too small or sparse, and that the guarantee covers important points like guarantees of safe, professional cleaning methods and professional conduct. Also make sure to closely go over “money back” guarantees and check that the company will be reliable in that area. Keep your eyes open for purposely confusing language in contracts, hidden fines or fees, or a company member avoiding answering a question.

Reference available from current clients.

Good cleaning services like Halo will have lists of their happy customers and good reviews. When it comes to choosing a cleaning service, that one restaurant that you might have been competing with could turn out to be your best friend! See what the other establishments around you are saying about the service.

Choosing a Great Provider

A good cleaning company is easy to find, once you identify the positive signs. Halo offers so much more than your typical kitchen exhaust cleaning company. From detailing kitchen equipment post-service to providing before and after photos after every service completion to reduce your liability, our experienced team is responsive and provides the personal attention necessary for our line of work, all while ensuring that your facility is in compliance with any municipal, state and industry codes (specifically NFPA-96).

If our cleaning does not pass inspection, and it’s clear that you followed our ongoing recommendations, we will perform the cleaning again free-of-charge until it passes and will take responsibility for any fines or penalties imposed by enforcing officials.

As you can see, professional hood cleaning agencies offer great job satisfaction guarantees and are well organized, credited, and responsible. By asking the questions we have supplied and checking to see if a cleaning company offers additional guarantees like ours, you will find yourself the perfect hood cleaning company in no time!

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