As we’ve previously discussed on the Halo blog, commercial kitchen exhaust systems can be a breeding ground for kitchen fires. Left unclean, these systems and their components can accumulate excess grease and debris from food particles – a perfect fuel for any fire that makes it into the exhaust system.

Why Should I Clean My System?

NFPA-96 requires commercial kitchens to clean their kitchen exhaust systems anywhere from every month to once per year, depending on the type of volume of cooking. Additionally, a clean system works at its peak performance and leads to cleaner, cooler and more productive kitchen staff. In the end, keeping your system grease-free and fire-safe protects your restaurant, employees and guest from a potential fast-moving kitchen fire.

What is the Kitchen Hood Cleaning Process?

Depending on the size of a restaurant’s kitchen and the condition of its kitchen exhaust system, the entire cleaning process can take anywhere from three to six hours. However, it can take several days to properly clean large or complex systems, especially if the system has not been properly or routinely cleaned.

Check out the SlideShare below that the team at Halo compiled to understand the vent hood cleaning process and steps a certified and insured technician will take to ensure your entire system is in working order.

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