If you run or manage a restaurant, it’s vital you take steps to keep your kitchen in good shape at all times to prevent unneeded problems from arising. Issues that show up when you least expect can cause safety hazards, result in fines and/or damage your reputation.

Your kitchen exhaust system is one of the main items you must address to keep your restaurant on the right path. Over time, grease builds up inside the hoods and other parts of your ventilation system, but you can prevent fires and gain peace of mind by enlisting a professional restaurant hood cleaning service to get the job done right.

Why Choose a Professional Hood Cleaning Company?

Some restaurant owners understand the importance of getting a kitchen vent hood cleaning team to help but don’t know where to turn for dependable support. You can find many companies in the area that offer the quality you need to stay on track, but unfortunately they are not all equal. Choose a company that has certified technicians on staff with years of experience in the industry and most importantly, takes pride in their work and cares about you as a customer.

When you find a reliable hood cleaning service, they will use caution so that they don’t damage any of your expensive restaurant equipment. Finding time to get someone to clean your exhaust system won’t always be easy because you can’t afford to close your doors during peak hours. That is why the best cleaning companies offer flexible hours and provide their service at a time that works for you, avoiding downtime during peak guest hours.

The Process

To give you an idea of what to expect from a reputable kitchen exhaust cleaning service, we’ll give you an outline of what we do in both preparation and clean-up that makes our service stand out and helps to prevent headaches caused by less-careful operators. Our goal is to give you confidence in our approach and keep you informed about the service we’ve performed within your restaurant.


Before any work is started, all pilot lights and gas valves for each appliance are shut off. This is a safety measure for both your investment and our team.

The main preparation item involves wrapping the hoods in plastic and creating a funnel for the greasy fluids to flow down the exhaust ducts into a collection bin. All nearby equipment is covered in plastic sheets to prevent grease splatter from the cleaning process from dirtying your cooking equipment and adding to cleanup time. Our team is careful to cover everything in the area to prevent spills and accidents from occurring.

To gain access to the exhaust ducts from the kitchen, the baffle filters are then removed and set aside for later cleaning. Once everything is in place, all prep items are double-checked to make sure the system is ready to be serviced.


All components of the exhaust system go through a spray, rinse, repeat procedure from the top of the system to the bottom.

First, the exhaust fan and blades are sprayed with chemical. Next, they are rinsed with hot water. This process continues until all grease has been evenly removed from the fan components.

The exhaust ducts are serviced next. We follow the same process with duct cleaning, spraying the ducts with chemical and then rinsing with hot water. If the ducts have not been cleaned regularly, there is a high probability that they will need to be manually scraped to remove excess grease buildup. After scraping, the spray, rinse and repeat process continues.

The spraying and rinsing of equipment above generates a lot of greasy fluids going down the ducts right into the kitchen. This is precisely why everything is covered in plastic and the hoods are wrapped and a funnel created into a collection bin. Proper preparation prevents unnecessary cleanup.

The same process is repeated yet again within the kitchen in the hoods. This is where the covering of equipment in plastic is really important and proper preparation is key. Backspray occurs in this enclosed environment and equipment can become saturated with fluids if not properly covered.


It’s inevitable that greasy fluids make it onto the floor of your kitchen during servicing, and it’s at the end of the cleaning that we turn our attention to your floors. We scrub and mop the floors afterwards to remove any remnants of grease and hood cleaning chemicals from your floor after cleaning.

Rather than letting your equipment dry on its own, our team will check everything in your kitchen and make sure that it’s dry. Reinstalling your equipment and checking that your restaurant is in working condition is the final touch that completes the project. By the time we pack our tools and leave your restaurant, everything is in place and as it did when we arrived.

Look for an Inspection Report

When you trust a professional company enough to enlist their kitchen exhaust cleaning services, you want to know you are getting an excellent service at a fair price. To keep you in the loop and avoid any confusion, reputable companies take pictures before they start and after they finish, letting you see the exact results of the work. This further emphasizes the importance of preparation and cleanup for kitchen exhaust system servicing.

A detailed report is often provided listing every step the team has taken. This type of transparency has played a large role in many kitchen exhaust cleaning companies’ ongoing success. It’s a good way to help build trust and respect with establishments a company should be proud to serve.

Look for A Guarantee

A service as important as vent hood cleaning should come with a guarantee. If your exhaust system doesn’t pass inspection by your city’s fire marshall and the cause was due to an improper cleaning, it makes complete sense that the hood cleaning company should come back and finish the job properly until the system passes inspection.

That’s what we do, and that’s what any reputable cleaning company does. When hiring your next exhaust cleaning company, make sure they offer a similar guarantee.

Getting Started

If you care about your restaurant and want to get a reliable hood cleaning service in North Texas that won’t let you down, you have come to the perfect place. You can reach out to us to get a free estimate, and you will know the cost before you agree to anything. We put you in control of the process from start to finish because we strive for 100 percent client satisfaction. Our team is ready to give you a hand and provide you with a cleaning service that will leave a lasting impression.

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