The look and cleanliness of a restaurant’s front entrance are more important than ever. People judge from the outside, especially if they don’t know anything about your restaurant and are just looking for a place to eat. While nothing matters more than the quality and taste of the food you cook, the presentation and upkeep of your building are important factors for getting guests flowing in and keeping them coming back.

One vital way to ensure the presentation of your establishment’s front entrance is kept-up is through pressure washing. Pressure washing service should be performed as needed, usually once a month or every other month. When you pressure wash the areas surrounding your restaurant, you are doing multiple things to make your establishment more inviting.

Sidewalk and Curb Appeal

Gum Removal: Removing old gum from the parking lot and paths leading to your front entrance is key to your curb appeal. The black spots that sidewalk gum becomes is anything but appealing. Your pressure washing service provider will be able to remove any gum that a pedestrian has left behind. Before you hire just any pressure washing company make certain they are capable of handling the removal of gum as not just any pressure washer can do this. You must have heat!

Grease Stains: Spilled grease can stain the pavement and attract all types of bugs. Roaches are the last thing you want your customers to see while approaching your door. Make sure all grease surrounding your restaurant is washed away during a cleaning service.

Front Entrance

Awnings: When not cleaned regularly, awnings become dusty and dingy. Getting all the dirt and debris off them is the best way to bring new life into the colors, and there is no better way to do that then to gently pressure wash the grime with the proper cleaner.

Windows: Your windows are a very important aspect that deserves the utmost attention. Having dirty, smudged windows is the first sign to potential customers that your restaurant does not care about its image. Washing your windows on low pressure (with proper squeegeeing after) can get your glass sparkling right away.

Signs: If your sign is not electrical, a gentle pressure wash is all that’s needed. If you have a sign connected to an electrical current, make sure your washing provider knows the cleaning details for the sign so that it isn’t needlessly damaged.

The Building Itself: You don’t have to go crazy with the pressure washer, but if your building itself is looking a little dirty, it might be time to aim the nozzle at the actual structure itself. The outside walls of your restaurant can get faded and stained, especially if they are painted/stained a lighter color. Spraying down your exterior walls really cleans your restaurant up and gives it a new kind of life.

Roof and Patio

Roofs: Roofs accumulate debris, sticks, grease, bugs, algae, and almost anything else you can think of. If a customer sees a filthy roof, it can discourage them from eating from your kitchen. Make sure that your roof is up to par by having your service provider gently wash it with the right chemicals approved for use on the specific type of roof covering your restaurant.

Patio: While these can be found at both the front and back of your building, if you have a patio that can be seen from the front entrance, it’s best to make sure it stays clean and welcoming. Patios are victim to the weather, taking abuse from the bright summer as well as Texas thunderstorms. Make sure that leaves and sticks, as well as the residue of any spilled food or drink, is regularly washed off.

Restaurants often have aspects that need individual focus, so make sure your pressure washing service provider hits all points above in addition to areas unique to your restaurant. This provides for a clean, welcoming entrance that guests will be sure to enjoy. Hire a trusted, certified cleaning company that knows how to pressure wash surfaces effectively and safely when you are scheduling your maintenance for your restaurant.

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