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A commercial kitchen’s range hood, also known as the vent hood or exhaust hood, can collect grease and grime if not regularly cleaned. The accumulated grease in a restaurant’s kitchen can become very sticky and hard to remove, leaving a major fire hazard.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. Regular maintenance of the restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system – including the range hood – is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards.

Cleaning the Grease Receptacles

In order to properly clean a commercial kitchen range hood, several parts must be taken apart. The first step is to remove and clean the grease receptacles, which are located on each side of the commercial hood and easily slide out. Always dump any liquid grease into a container safe for disposal – never put this waste down the drain! Soak the receptacles in grease-cutting detergent and hot water, and scrub the inside and outside of the range hood to remove any greasy residue. After the grease is removed, allow the receptacles to dry before reinstalling in the hood.

Cleaning the Hood Filters

After the grease receptacles are removed, take down the filters from the range hood and soak them in detergent and hot water to break down and remove any greasy residue. If the filters are heavily-caked in grease, it may be necessary to soak them for a few hours or even overnight to loosen the grease. After soaking, lightly scrub the filters to remove any remaining residue or run them through the dishwasher. Let the filters completely dry before putting them back into the hood.

Cleaning the Hood’s Surface

Spray a degreasing compound on the surfaces of the commercial hood to break up the residue, and wipe it off using a soft cloth or nylon sponge. If scraping is required, use plastic scrapers and nylon sponges to avoid damaging the surface of the hood. After cleaning, completely rinse the surfaces of the commercial hood to remove all cleaning chemicals.

To ensure your business has a clean and efficiently operating kitchen, select a professional vent hood cleaning company that includes the following standard services in its cleaning package – draining the system’s grease build up while properly disposing of the materials, and cleaning hoods, vertical and horizontal ducts via access panels, exhaust fans, and the floor surrounding the vent hoods upon completion of servicing. Additionally, before and after photos should be provided for your records.

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