Restaurant owners have a number of liability risks. From kitchen fires to food contamination, there’s a myriad of things that can go wrong. Because of this, restaurants have specific insurance needs that evolve as a restaurant grows. Restaurant insurance costs far less than a serious lawsuit might, so it is an especially good investment.

Fire, typically covered under general risk insurance, is one of the more common hazards faced by restaurant owners. Recently, the iconic Goff’s Charcoal Hamburgers in Dallas suffered what is being reported as a vent hood fire. Additionally, neighboring businesses suffered extensive water damage and were forced to close.

To protect your restaurant and ensure you are covered in case of a loss, it is essential to fully understand the required insurance criteria for kitchen exhaust cleaning. In addition to guidelines established by the NFPA, some insurance providers require cleaning more frequently than municipal codes. By identifying the most common causes of fires, restaurant owners can minimize their risks – and potentially cut down on their liability insurance costs.

To do this, choosing the right kitchen exhaust cleaning company is key. The company should be heavily insured and have a stellar record in terms of never being involved in a situation where they were at fault. Photos that document the cleaning process from start to finish should also be provided, and are important for insurance purposes should a situation occur.

Finally, do not chose a cleaning company based on the lowest price. Like anything, you generally get what you pay for, and the costs cut at the time of cleaning are low compared to what you could pay for a total loss.

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