If you operate a luxury hotel, you know just how important it is for your guests to experience complete satisfaction as a result of their stay. Guests who stay at luxury hotels expect nothing less than the best, and the hotel that recognizes that its guests deserve what they pay for will be the hotel that can expect to achieve top results for a long time to come.

How exactly does a luxury hotel ensure that its guests are fully satisfied with a stay? Guests of course expect top-notch customer service. They expect to be treated with the consideration that someone staying in a luxury hotel should receive at all times. They also expect that if problems do arise, those problems will be resolved in a prompt and effective manner.

The ideal goal for luxury hotels, however, should be not to resolve problems after they come up but instead to prevent any problems from ever occurring in the first place. One of the most important ways a luxury hotel can reduce the risk of satisfaction-destroying problems from happening is to ensure the cleanliness of the hotel.

Guests who stay at luxury hotels expect a level of cleanliness that exceeds anywhere else they could have chosen to stay. This means that guests expect things to be perfectly clean at all times. What many luxury hotels often fail to realize, however, is that this expectation of their guests does not stop outside of guest rooms. To be sure, guests do expect their rooms to be clean, but they also hold the same expectation for all other areas of the hotel. All areas of the hotel being clean is a significantly important factor when it comes to overall guest satisfaction.

Commercial cleaning services serve the needs of luxury hotels by helping to ensure that all areas of the hotel are clean at all times. Since guests have this expectation yet also use the hotel and its facilities at all times, a good commercial cleaning contractor must be able to work around the schedule of the hotel and its facilities. The commercial cleaning contractor must also possess superior knowledge of the many different types of surfaces found in hotels and which cleaning methods and chemicals are right to use on each type.

Here are just some examples of the many areas inside of a luxury hotel that guests expect to be clean at all times of the day and night:

  • Entrance area and lobby
  • Guest services and check-in
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Fitness and spa facilities
  • Shops
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Public restrooms

Commercial cleaning crews can clean both during the day and at night and focus on different areas during each. The goal of daytime cleaning is to help the hotel maintain its image in the presence of guests and visitors. Since the hotel is understandably very busy during the day, the focus then is on spot cleaning, making sure trash is properly disposed of, promptly taking care of any spills that occur and other similar tasks.

Things become calmer at night, so it is possible for commercial cleaning crews to do a more thorough job at that time. Not only can they deeply clean areas that were heavily traveled during the day, but they can also do a complete cleaning of areas such as kitchens and their exhaust systems as well as all flooring inside of the hotel.

Guests’ expectations for cleanliness of the facilities extends not only to inside the hotel but to the areas outside as well. Guests begin evaluating a hotel from the moment they arrive on the property. Since the inside of the hotel is generally busy during the day, cleaning crews can take care of these external areas at that time. Some of the outdoor areas cleaning crews are able to maintain include parking lots, parking garages, shipping and receiving areas and more.

Because each hotel is different, cleaning crews will take the time to schedule closely with relevant hotel personnel to ensure that the utmost guest satisfaction is maintained during all steps of the cleaning process.

Luxury hotels want their guests to be satisfied so that not only will they return for future stays but will also recommend the hotel’s brand to their friends and family. Hotels can accomplish this goal by not only providing top-notch customer service to all guests but also by ensuring that the cleanliness of their location is something guests will be sure to remember. Commercial cleaning crews have the knowledge to make this cleanliness happen in all areas of the hotel, both inside and out, and to do so in a manner that does not disturb ordinary functioning of the hotel. High guest satisfaction means guests are more likely to return to a particular hotel again and again. When hiring janitorial cleaning providers, it is imperative that they understand these important aspects of the luxury hotel industry.

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