James Epperson, owner and president of Halo, recently received certification from the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), joining exhaust system cleaners worldwide as a resource for industry experiences and best practices for commercial vent hood cleaning.

Members of IKECA are committed to creating safer, more effective processes while developing their skills as kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals. One of the many goals of the organization is preventing kitchen fires in order to make F&B outlets safer for everyone to work in and enjoy.

“Keeping commercial kitchens clean is pivotal to the success of an establishment, not only for the health of those eating in the restaurant, but for minimizing safety hazards,” said Epperson. “It’s an honor to join with organizations around the U.S. and worldwide to promote better cleaning practices with a common goal of preventing devastating grease fires.”

A dirty kitchen exhaust system can be extremely dangerous to an F&B outlet, its employees, guests and the facility itself. Poor kitchen equipment maintenance can lead to devastating kitchen fires which can destroy buildings and potentially injure, or even cause loss of life for the people inside.

HRS offers multiple services to help keep a restaurant and its kitchens clean, safe and in working order. Most notably, HRS offers vent hood cleaning, also known as kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Additionally, HRS can do more for a restaurant, including kitchen ceiling cleaning, commercial kitchen equipment detailing, floor detailing, outdoor power washing, rooftop grease containment, exhaust fan hinge kit installation, nightly janitorial cleaning, as well as repairs for up-blast fans.

These services help prevent kitchen fires, but they also help keep commercial kitchens clean for guests and workers alike, guaranteeing optimal health and safety standards for everyone. By choosing a certified IKECA member, kitchen exhaust systems are getting properly thorough
cleanings, preventing future threats.

To learn more about Halo Restoration Services and James Epperson’s certification from IKECA, please look around our website and request a free estimate for our services.

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