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For businesses in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry like Halo in Dallas, TX, delivering an amazing customer experience is everything. From providing accurate quotes to showing proof of the work that was completed, keeping customers in the loop isn’t always easy – especially when you’re relying on a disorganized combination of phone calls, emails, and snail mail to communicate.

The Halo team has always done their best to provide excellent customer service, but there was just one thing missing to streamline the process for growth – the right technology. That’s where ServiceTrade has made all the difference.

Using the ServiceTrade application has allowed HRS to offer even better customer service, improve the productivity of their technicians, and improve administrative efficiency – here’s how.

Increased Customer Engagement

With more people using mobile phones than ever before, ServiceTrade has given Halo Restoration Services the opportunity to engage more effectively and efficiently with their customers.

Using the ServiceTrade app, their customers can create an account where they’re able to make service requests, keep track of upcoming jobs, and view their service history all in one place. Instant notifications keep them up to date on when a cleaning request has been completed or when a payment is due so that they never have to go out of their way to check.

Keeping commercial kitchens safe and compliant with local fire codes is an important task that requires regular maintenance. By making it easier to schedule service requests in advance, HRS is helping their clients keep their exhaust systems in working order at all times.

Instant Electronic Quotes

Customers don’t want to wait days to get a quote as an email attachment or worse, through the post – they want an estimate as quickly as possible.

After automating their proposal process using ServiceTrade, Halo Restoration Services has been better able to serve their customers by providing fast and accurate electronic quotes with photos. They can also send electronic quotes from the field for even faster approval, a feature that their busy customers love.

Easy Photo Sharing

As a kitchen exhaust and restaurant cleaning company, it’s important that Halo Restoration Services is able to show customers proof of their work. Built up grease one of the most common causes of devastating kitchen fires, so seeing that the grease has been completely removed from their exhaust system gives customers greater peace of mind.

With the ServiceTrade app, technicians can use their phones to take pictures and verify with the customer that their kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned. This has helped HRS to build greater trust and credibility with their customers.

Increased Technician Productivity

ServiceTrade hasn’t just made it easier for Halo Restoration Services to provide better service to their customers – it’s also significantly increased the productivity of their technicians. Using ServiceTrade to digitize their paperwork, manage their technicians’ schedules, and track hours has made HRS a more organized and efficient business overall.

Fewer phone calls between the office and the field and less confusion on invoice day mean more time completing service requests. Thanks to the ServiceTrade application, HRS has been able to take on more clients and their technicians are able to complete more requests per day.

Improved Administrative Efficiency

The less time technicians have to spend cooped up in the office entering data and sorting paperwork, the more time they’re able to spend providing excellent service to their customers.

Halo discovered this quickly after switching to ServiceTrade – right away, they were able to see a huge difference in their administrative efficiency. ServiceTrade has allowed the company to go almost completely paperless. Instead of sorting through documents by hand, customer and service information can be accessed instantly through the app. By optimizing their administrative processes, HRS is able to focus on providing top-of-the-line customer service and building a loyal client base.

No IT Hassles

One of the main reasons businesses don’t use service applications is because they don’t want to deal with the IT hassles that come with going digital. But with ServiceTrade’s secure mobile app and no servers to manage, the company hasn’t had to worry about inconvenient technical issues. And if a problem ever does arise, they know that ServiceTrade’s expert support team is always available to help.

Strengthened Customer Relationships

By simplifying two-way communication between their technicians and their customers, ServiceTrade has enabled Halo Restoration Services to provide the kind of amazing service that turns first-time customers into life-long supporters. The easier it is for customers to get in touch with you, the more likely they are to do business with you – it’s that simple.

ServiceTrade has been more than a marketing tool for the kitchen exhaust cleaning company – it’s a customer relationship builder. And when you’re a local service provider, no matter what industry you may be in, nothing is more important than building and strengthening positive relationships with your customers.

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