Impressions are made even before customers step inside a business. Don’t ignore grease, dirt, stains and gum on your parking lots, sidewalks, drive-thrus and entrances to your business. Does your building’s façade, parking lot and sidewalks paint a picture of professionalism and high quality? If not, you could benefit from professional outdoor power washing services.

Since studies show that buyers make 90 percent of their purchasing decisions subconsciously, it’s imperative that you start affecting your consumers’ impressions well before they even walk through your front door. Paying attention to these three main outdoor areas will help to ensure customers react positively to your business as they make the short walk from their car to your entrance.

Drive-Thrus, Sidewalks and Parking Lots

If drive-thrus, sidewalks and parking lots aren’t deeply cleaned on a regular basis, it’s easy for them to accumulate litter, dirt and stains. Sweeping or hosing down the area can only do so much, especially when it comes to stuck-on grease and rust. These areas are among the things customers don’t usually notice – unless there’s something noticeably wrong with them.

Building Entrance

The appearance of your business entrance is just as important as having clean tables, restrooms and floors. Either of these things could be the first interaction a new customer has with your business. Professional power washing revitalizes the walls of your exterior, giving it a fresh look without the need for expensive renovations or paint jobs, and ultimately setting the stage for a positive interaction with first-time and long-time customers.

Dumpster Area

The dumpster may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about power washing your outdoor space, especially if it’s sitting somewhere out of sight from customers. However, since this is the place where trash accumulates, the dumpster can quickly become a blemish on your property and a source of unpleasant odors, even if you empty it every day. Regular washing of the dumpster storage area eliminates stains, grime and the odors they produce.

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