A clean facility instills a professional image in the minds of customers, partners and employees. Most importantly, keeping facilities at a high level of sanitation and appearance ensures potential problems are addressed quickly and efficiently, ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Facility managers – typically restaurants or food service providers, government facilities, schools and universities, and hospitals and nursing homes – often hire local janitorial companies to clean their offices after regular business hours. By hiring a nightly janitorial service, the facility avoids the cost of training, employment benefits and time.

In addition to practicing hygienic cleaning to remove soil and germs, janitorial companies can manage the cleaning process, including removing trash from waste receptacles, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and cleaning floors and cleaning bathrooms. Other services can include:

  • Commercial tile stripping, waxing and floor maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • General window cleaning
  • Cleaning walls, baseboards, ceilings and blinds
  • Detail cleaning under and behind equipment and furniture
  • Detail kitchen equipment
  • Washing and replacing mats
  • Pressure washing outdoor areas
  • Emergency cleaning
  • One time and special event cleaning

Ideally your janitorial service will alert management to any maintenance issues such as trouble with the hot water, leaky faucets or pipes, and sinks and toilets that need replacing or repair. Additionally, commercial cleaning and janitorial service should be customizable to meet your unique needs.

To help you present the greatest first impression possible, a nightly janitorial service will support your facility with seamless cleaning and specialized services and benefits. Most importantly, the best custodial companies are on top of everything, allowing you peace of mind while keeping your facility in top condition.

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