You’ve finally embarked on a major remodeling project for your business. Normal routine and hours of operation have more than likely been adjusted while construction is going on. But now the project is completed, and you’re ready to get back to normal. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple, as some contractors do not include cleanup in their scope of work.

That’s where hiring a post construction cleaning service comes in handy. Not only will a professional crew clean every inch of remodeled space and safely remove debris, the team will ensure the area is in move-in condition when you open the doors. Successful new construction cleaning companies have teams and processes that allow them to get the job done in far less time that it would take to do yourself.

Post Construction Cleanup Services

Final construction cleaning goes far beyond the reach of regular maintenance work. Unlike typical janitorial services that focus on daily or weekly services, after construction cleaning will remove all construction materials, clean up any dust and debris associated with construction and ensure the space is safe for operation.

Additionally, a professional contractor will have the time and energy to clean everything that you might miss in your procedures. Crews who specialize in post construction services know the top culprits and where to find them.

What’s all included in a typical service? Below are several tasks involved:

  • Safely removing remaining construction hazards such as nails, broken glass and leftover building materials.
  • Dusting light bulbs, light fixtures, ceiling fans and wall sconces.
  • Dust mopping or damp mopping hard surface floors and vacuuming carpets.
  • Washing all window sills and frames, chair rails, shelves, ledges, trim, baseboards, crown molding, door frames, walls and ceilings.
  • Wiping down cabinet frames, doors, tops of cabinets and hardware.
  • Scrubbing kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, sinks, faucets, appliances and toilets.
  • Cleaning smudges and dust from the inside of windows and glass partitions.
  • Sweeping and cleaning porches, entryways, exterior lights, driveways, walkways and thresholds.

How to Choose The Right Contractor

Finding an experienced post-construction cleaning company can be a difficult task. Not only do you want to ensure the company can complete your cleaning needs in a reasonable timeframe, you need to work with one that you can trust since the team could be entering your office when you are not be there.

When searching for the right cleaning company, consider the following questions:

How long have they been in operation?

A company that has been around for a while tends to have the experience that newer cleaning company might not. Whether it’s an understanding of the latest cleaning techniques or owning the newest tools and equipment, an experienced company will have the know-how to get your job done right. Additionally, ask if they have loyal and repeat customers. This can mean that they are trusted by many and are seen as reliable.

What cleaning services do they provide? 

Before meeting with potential companies, research what is typically offered for post construction cleaning services. At a minimum, dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning and floor maintenance should be offered after construction is completed.

Are they bonded and insured?

Never hire a company that is not bonded and insured. You will not be covered from liability if damage is done to your property. If the cleaning company’s employees are injured on the job, their workers compensation insurance will cover the incident.

Can they provide references?

A great way to determine what others think about a commercial cleaning company is to ask for a list of references. Having loyal customers is golden in the commercial cleaning industry.

How is their customer service?

We all know mistakes can happen on the job. No person or company is perfect, but it says a lot about a cleaning company by how they deal with a complaint.

Construction Is Unpredictable

Keep in mind that construction is an unpredictable business. Your cleaning crew should be capable of working closely with the building contractors to meet any set timelines. Additionally, the team should always keep you in the loop every step of the way so that any needs or expectations are met.

When looking for an experienced, post construction cleaning company, pick someone who can thoroughly clean every inch of your property and create an inviting space that is ready for business. Post construction cleaning makes sure all the dust and debris is gone so work can pick right back up and be better than ever before.