More and more school districts, colleges and universities are outsourcing school cleaning to professional janitorial services, especially at a time when they are looking for more efficient, less costly services.

Cleaning schools is a specialized process completely different from cleaning medical facilities or other types of offices, and requires a cleaning company that trains and understands the specific needs of schools.

These types of companies know that a thorough cleaning regimen can help prevent the spread of germs where there are a lot of shared surfaces that can harbor viruses.

When reviewing prospective janitorial services for your school, look for the following differentiators:

  • A cleaning company should have experience cleaning schools. You don’t want your school to be a learning experience for a cleaning company. You need efficiency and quality immediately.
  • Be sure your school’s daily janitorial service provider has extensive experience screening employees since workers could be in contact with students. Criminal background checks, drug testing as well as educational verification, employment history and reference verification is expected. In most districts, all staff working on school grounds must be fingerprinted and pass a background check.
  • Work with your cleaning company to ensure the best possible fit of personnel for your school. You need to find the right people to work in this challenging position who understands the specialized needs of school cleaning.
  • An experienced cleaning service should work within your budget and set up a customized cleaning schedule for your school facility. There should be transparency in pricing, and contracts should be clear and easy to understand.
  • A daily janitorial service should offer individualized solutions for your school and be responsive to your unique needs and potential schedule changes. There must be systems in place to communicate with ease and address issues as they come up.

A daily janitorial service can provide additional assistance and expertise to help you keep your school building clean and healthy. By taking the proper steps for thorough cleaning today, you can help ensure your students are in class tomorrow.

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