Does My Kitchen Grease Extraction System Need To Be Cleaned?

Your restaurant’s kitchen grease extraction system is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you have – it allows you to safely remove all the grease and debris from the air and other equipment in a fire-safe and tidy manner. When to Hire a Kitchen Grease Extraction System Company To make sure that your grease extraction system is in tip-top shape, follow these cleaning timelines when scheduling cleanings for your system:


What Does An Average Hood Cleaning Cost?

Before hiring a hood cleaning company, it’s important to have a good idea of the numbers involved in a hood cleaning. Having a budget for your kitchen maintenance is one of many key organizational tactics you will need to create to ensure a smoothly run kitchen. This article provides a bit of insight into hood cleaning prices to help you dial-in your cleaning budgets.


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Hood Cleaning Service Company for Your Restaurant

Choosing a professional hood cleaning company is a big decision, one that could potentially be overwhelming if you live in an area with multiple options. There are different cleaning guidelines and standards to follow for different types of equipment, but the overarching questions you should ask stay the same for any kitchen cleaning agency, no matter the specific job. Topics to Discuss When Hiring Cleaning Vendors Inquiring about the following topics is the first step in identifying the best service you can get:


Was My Kitchen Exhaust System Properly Cleaned?

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for a fly-by-night vent hood cleaning company to thoroughly clean the parts of the extractor system that you can see while failing to clean the parts you can’t. In fact, often the only thing they clean is the vent hood itself. To help in fixing this problem in the industry, we at Halo Restoration Services are providing this list of quick inspections you and your staff can perform after a cleaning service to make sure the kitchen exhaust cleaning company did their job appropriately.


Dangers of Grease Accumulation on Commercial Rooftops

Often, checking the condition of restaurant rooftops and rooftop grease containment systems is overlooked and placed as a low priority. Don’t make this mistake! Checking the roof of your establishment is very important and should be done regularly and thoroughly. There are many dangerous and harmful consequences for not doing so, all of which take time and money to fix. Rooftop grease accumulation can happen many ways, the three main issues being: Poor wastewater management Grease leaking from the fan Airborne particles We suggest reading our post entitled What Causes Grease Buildup On Your Roof?


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