Types of Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are the starting point of the commercial kitchen ventilation system. There are essentially two main types of commercial vent hoods that are used – Type 1 and Type 2.


How to Clean Baffle Filters

Clean baffle filters are the first step in preventing kitchen fires from spreading through the vent hood and into the rest of the exhaust system.


How Often Should My Kitchen Exhaust System Be Cleaned?

You don’t have to own a restaurant to have a commercial kitchen. Hospitals and nursing homes, airports and government facilities, hotels, schools and even food trucks all have kitchens that can feed a crowd. It takes longer for grease to build up in a low-volume commercial kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it altogether.


Protecting Your Commercial Kitchen During The Holidays

As we near Thanksgiving and Christmas, friends, family and even co-workers are planning their holiday parties and gatherings. As a business owner, the last thing you should ignore is your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system. Keeping inspections up to date and scheduling required cleaning ensures your customers are safe at your restaurant or venue.


Tips For Preventing Restaurant Fires

Restaurants – with their open flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and paper products – have all the ingredients for a fire to flame out of control.


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